The dog was never taught by his owners to do this. He shocks everyone with THIS…

Amazing relation of a dog with kid

It is so sad to see so many families giving up their family dog when they have a child. They are unable to understand that dogs can actually build an amazing relationship with newborn babies. Most of the families have this fear that the dog might hurt their newborn baby. But this precious video is one of many proofs that dogs and children develop a strong bond that only grows with the passage of time.


Dogs not only give company to your newborn baby but they are also helpful in making kids more social, caring and compassionate. This video features a family that has a dog and a baby and they are inseparable. This adorable dog is a beagle named Charlie who wants nothing but the company of his little friend. We will leave out the thing he does that surprises everyone and you will also be shocked to see this dog's learning power.

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