Suspected Man For Breeding Fighting Dogs Has Been Tortured by Masked Men

There are many bad guys out there. But it doesn’t matter how bad they can get, they will finally be punished. They may be arrested by police, but some of them do whatever they want and no body sees what they do. Because if people knew, they wouldn’t be bystanders, and they will make a stand to stop it.

A 52-year-old man from Detroit was attacked by three masked men. They tied him up and tortured him really bad. They even cut his ear off and broke his fingers and he was in a very bad shape and was scary as there was blood on his body. After police investigated the incident, they concluded that the man was attacked because they suspected he has been breeding dogs to force them participate in dog fighting contests. And the man could have been the organizer of these contests. When police went to the man’s home and searched around the place, they were shocked and somewhat angry to find 16 Pit Bulls that were fragile and in a bad physical condition. And when police went to the basement, they also found more than a dozen Pit Bulls living in filth and not in good health at all. Police also figured out that the man had another property and other neglected dogs in that property.

They called Animal Control to take the dogs away from this man. But neighborhood people say the man is not a dog fighting breeder. His brother said that the man has been breeding dogs since a very long time and he does it to finally sell them and make living.


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