Embarrassed dog causes everyone to LOL

We all love Huskies. Why? Because they are friendly, playful and most of all their thick furred double coat makes them so hug-able. They are a super resilient and energetic breed and their ancestors come from Siberian Arctic. They were first bred by Chukchi of Northeastern Asia and they were used to pull heavy loads in severe weather conditions. It was during the Nome Gold Rush that they were imported into the United States.


In the video below you will see one of the most hilarious videos of Huskies ever recorded. Rocky, the Sebrian Husky loves taking a shower, unlike most of the dogs. As a matter of fact, he loves taking a bath so much that he looks like the happiest dog in the world. Meanwhile he forgets everything and provides an unlimited source of laughter for us. He farts and he is too embarrassed to hand his paw to his owner and this video is absolutely adorable.


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