Unreal animal spotted – Just like the movies. But it's real and these videos are the proof!!!

Piglet like elephant?

We all have seen strangest of animals in the movies and on Facebook but it's hard to trust the credibility of these. However, this animal right here was born in Cambodia and he looks just like elephant and has created a spark all around the internet. This tiny swine that you see in the five series of video has a long trunk and his big ears are also like the biggest mammal on the face of earth we know as elephant.



His size is of a pig but large trunk on his nose and the fanned ears look really bizarre and make it one of the strangest creatures of the present. He is an elephant like mutation and his whereabouts are still unknown but he might be alive. Most of the creatures born with such bizarre body features are unable to survive and pass away shortly after their birth. Almost a similar piglet was born in China but due to his bizarre deformities, he dies just a couple of months after his birth.

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