A pit bull male impregnated a Husky. Their puppies are the most adorable thing in the world!

A surprise by nature

It seems that nature always has a way to surprise us in new ways and this litter of puppies is one of those beautiful ways. Also, we have seen unique but beautiful creatures born when crossbred so you can imagine the result of breeding pit bull and husky.

 This adorable video features fostering puppies for the city and it was a wonderful experience to say the least.


Sure, it was a lot of work but it all paid off and the result was absolutely beautiful. There is no doubt in the fact that giving back to the community and making a difference is more gratifying that we could imagine. This video is a beautiful gift that we present to you to see how playful, cute and precious these puppies are. We hope that they enjoy a healthy and happy life and get a forever happy family that takes care of them.

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