Viral video divides the audience

This video got viral on the internet not so long ago where a baby slaps his pet dog and we have to admit, it is VERY funny to watch. However, as expected, social media has divided opinions on this as some people find it hysterical but some call it ‘irresponsible parenting'. The dog doesn't mind at all after being slapped by the baby and still licks the baby and both of them get more playful as the video goes on.


As it follows, the dog jumps onto the baby's seat and they hug each other with all the love in the world. It is either baby's mother or father who records this adorable moment. Some people questioned if the father or mother should have intervened in order to separate the dog with the baby in case the dog got agitated or hostile. People on social media had mixed reactions to this video. Do you think it was safe to let all this happen? Let us know.


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