If You Can’t Spot the Snow Leopard In This Picture, Sorry, It Could Kill You

Be aware of the surroundings
Things like this get counted in survival instincts as it is your observation skills and instincts that save you when the danger arrives. This is why, one must be aware of their surroundings all the time. Also, one has to be extra conscious if their surroundings are in India and there is a snow-leopard is hidden in the mountains which is super hard to spot.

Huge credit to this photographer who captured this moment at the exact right time so that he could test the observation skills of those taking a look at it. Photographer Nirali Mehta took this photo as he spotted a snow leopard in the mountains but can you find the leopard in the photo? One has to be super observant in order to spot the leopard in this photo that Nirali took.

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