Authorities didn’t do anything despite people reporting a dog left in the pouring rain

Rain is good, people find it romantic, playtime gets super fun in the rain and everything is good, but for us humans. For dogs like this, rain becomes chaotic and depressing and absolutely hopeless.Moreover, normally when people spot a homeless dog standing in the rain or in some sort of difficulty, they try to help him but no, not here in Alabama. Take a look at this poor dog that was left all alone in pouring and depression and sadness is visible from his face.

The video was shot by a neighbor from his cell phone and he showed the world how cruel some societies can be. At some point, some concerned people called the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office. The deputy did arrive but only to let everyone down and tell them that animal control will arrive the following day to help the dog that had been homeless for God knows how long.
But it seems like it was either a lie or a false hope because no one arrived. The concerned neighbor even went to the prosecutor’s office but still there was no help. All of this happened at 189 Davis Road, Albertville, Marshall County, Alabama.The senseless owners weren’t home so the neighbors started giving the dog some food and a blanket to keep himself warm. Neighbors waited for weeks but the owners didn’t arrive and at last the dog was surrendered to a local rescue group so he can find a forever happy home. 

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