An Adorable Toddler with Teary Eyes Begged Teacher Not To Hurt the Puppy Who Found In Her Backpack

Kid begged to save the life of tinny puppy.

Back in Sichuan, China on April 7, 2017 had found a stray little puppy near the streets of her kindergarten school the puppy was so adorable that kid could not be able to resist that cut, so this kid claimed the puppy and kept that puppy in her backpack.

But when she went into school and sitting in her class, her teacher discovered that there is something in the kid’s backpack. As you can see in the video this kid is asking telling her teacher that don’t hurt that dog and don’t take it away from me, this will not hurt anyone. The kid was in tears, this shows how much that kid was involved in that puppy.
This is the story of love that existed among two innocent souls just in one sight. This 4- year old girl is also adorable. It’s time for us to love with other without any need.

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