Mom's Terrified When Dog Throws Her Child Across The Yard, Then Knew He Saved Child's Life

It is so cool to have a dog in your family, dogs are loyal, they love you unconditionally, you can do your exercise with them, that's why the dog is considered to be the man's best friend.



A 17-month-old daughter of Catherine Svilicic, was in grave danger as a snake was approaching her, Svilicic was unaware of that when the family's dog, Khan, tried to move the girl away, the mother thought Khan was being aggressive to her daughter, she knew something was wrong as Khan has never acted this way.



Khan threw the toddler across the yard and he put his life in danger as the snake bit him, then he was rushed to the hospital and they injected him with anti-venom, luckily, they saved his life and he recovered very quickly.


Now Khan is in good health, and the family owes him a lot for saving their daughter.


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