Karma strikes in the best possible way as the woman who left her dog in hot car has to suffer the same thing

Karma strikes perfectly

You might have heard a lot of dog owners getting away with them leaving the dogs behind in hot cars. However, for this woman, when she returned to her car, a cop car was waiting for her right there. They made her sit in the hot car just like she made her dog suffer and justice was served. This incident was reported by HuffingtonPost.com and it happened when someone saw the dog locked inside and reported to the police.


The woman served her punishment quietly and she said that she was "fine" when she came out but anyone could tell that she was uncomfortable. She was advised that she would be cited if she ever did the same thing again. The article also reports that this isn't the first time this kind of punishment has been given. Last year in New Mexico, a woman was made to sit in her hot car after she left her dog in the car. Do you think it is a fair punishment or is it going too far?


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