10 Dogs That Moment They Meet Their Human For The First Time

Adoption day is one of the loveliest things in the world, as it completely changes the life of a poor dog. When you see these 10 photos, you will directly notice that the pups know what is going on.

1-‘’First sight leads to love… It is obvious that he knows that we will be best friends, his head says what he can’t say… :)’’


2-‘’Luna, the dog we have rescued from the shelter, she is so adorable. Meet Luna’’

3-His happiness is so obvious, look at the dog!


4-‘’I will consider her as my new girl, LMAO. I think we’ll be close and best friends.

5-The first day of the puppy at the house :) it is a great puppy. Meet Dane.

6-Going home with this cute pup :) how adorable it is.


7-Look at the pup, it looks like saying, ‘Are you my new owner?’

8-What a big hug <3.


9-Exciting with the new cute mom.

10-‘’Adopted this nice pup from the shelter. She was still like this the whole way home.”

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